SQL: Difference Between SQL Vs. T-SQL?

Reference: http://blog-mstechnology.blogspot.in/2012/04/difference-between-sql-vs-t-sql.html

Difference Between SQL Vs. T-SQL?

SQL and T-SQL are Query languages, both helps to extract, Manipulate data with database system.

SQL – Structured Query Language:-

It is pronounced as SEQUEL, stands for… Structured English QUEry Languages.

  • SQL Language has several language elements called clauses, phrases, predicates, queries and statements.
  • SQL Supports to insert/update/read/delete the data from/to the database, define the new structure, etc.,
  • SQL supports different data types like image, text, varchar, datetime,xml, etc., SQL supports only single line transactions

T-SQL – Transact-SQL:-

T-SQL is advanced/addition to the SQL developed by Microsoft. It has new features like, variable, temp tables, set of transactions, store procedures, functions, cursors etc.., T-SQL supports control flow capabilities by using the following commands: START and TERMINATE, break, CONTINUE, GOTO, RETURN, IF, While and WAITFOR. T-SQL allows the ‘FROM’ clause to be added to DELETE and UPDATE statements. T-SQL allows inserting multiple rows using single statement BULK INSERT.


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